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Our quaint and quiet mobile home park community is mainly made up of seniors and working singles. It's the perfect place for families or anyone who enjoys a laid-back lifestyle. We have an on-site maintenance person so that problems can be addressed quickly. You can do a complete walkthrough of the rental before you sign a lease to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

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Hidden Acre Estates is more than a local mobile home park. It's a community of friendly people who appreciate the quiet life. If you're looking for a home to rent in Shreveport, LA, call us at 318-519-2113 today.

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Home is where the heart is and where you lay your head at night. It should be a place that brings you comfort and helps you relax. If you're looking for a cute and cozy place to call your own, we have the place for you. Hidden Acre Estates is a charming local mobile home park in Shreveport, LA that has trailers for rent.

Our one-, two- and three-bedroom mobile homes are:

  • Leased by the month
  • Move-in ready
  • Safe

You can customize your space as you see fit. We allow tenants to hang things on the walls and decorate. We require a security deposit to cover any potential damage. Speak with one of our mobile home park representatives today to learn more.